Learn to love yourself

Hey! My name is Natasha and I'm from the UK. This blog is to help motivate me as I've always struggled with my weight and this time I'm going to change that! This blog is to help me show my progress :D My current weight (20/01/2014) is 184lbs and I am 5ft 10in. So My goal is to lose 2st 3lbs!

Morning snack! :D
4. February 2014

The first day went well!

Breakfast - Banana pancake, grape and green tea. Lunch - 2 wholemeal chicken salad rolls with a raspberry and strawberry smoothies and sunbite crisp. Dinner - Tomato and Chicken Pasta and an apple!

Also a 30 minute workout (not much but its better than nothing)

This is improvement from my normal binging all day!

Workout time!